Sunny Megatron

Sunny Megatron

Name: Sunny Megatron

Gender & pronouns: She/they

Birth year: 1971

Race/Ethnic Origin: Bi-racial -- Black/white

Nationality: USA (Chicago)

Language: English

What do you do?: Workshops (pleasure based sex, BDSM, theory), Private coaching (hands-off), Blogger, Freelance writer/Copywriter - sexuality focused, TV producer & personality, pleasure products review & development

Job title: Sexuality Educator

Focus/specialty: BDSM, General sexual technique, couples, non-monogamy, sexual subcultures (Teach and coach as a couple w/ sex educator husband Ken Melvoin-Berg), electrosex,

Real life experience: : BDSM practitioner, non-monogamous, pansexual, married, sex-positive parent

Anything else people should know about you?: Host & Executive Producer of Showtime original series SEX with Sunny Megatron

Location info: 60642, Chicago, IL 60642

Twitter: sunnymegatron

Email address:


Where esle can people find you and your work?: