Miko Technogeisha


Name: Miko Technogeisha

Gender & pronouns: Female & She/Her

Birth year: 1968

Race/Ethnic Origin: Hispanic/Latino

Nationality: US

Language: English

What do you do?: Sex educator, writer, researcher, podcaster

Focus/specialty: Sexuality, non-monogamy, kink, motherhood/depression/sex

Real life experience: : 3 years writing, editing and podcasting with Life on the Swingset, 3 years writing for online publications like SexIs Social, Evolved World, Cirillas, Sex Love Joy and others, presented panels at CatalystCon West, CatalystCon East and Playground Conference, volunteer speaker for Center for Positive Sexuality, emissary for Sex Geekdom Chicago,

Location info: Chicago, IL US

Twitter: Technogeisha

Email address: miko@technogeisha.com

Website: www.technogeisha.com

Where esle can people find you and your work?: lifeontheswingset.comevolvedworld.comblog.cirillas.com