Madame Amrita

Name: Madame A Smrita

Age Range: 40-49 years

Gender: Pansexual gender fuluid female

Pronouns: She or him or sher or shim

Race/Ethnic Origin: Mixed or white/anglo/caucasian

Nationality: USA

Location: Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, USA 75234

What I do: Blogger, Photographer/Editor, Author, Videographer/Editor, Speaker, Graphic Designer/Artist, Educator (school teacher, HIV/STD/STI, health, etc.), Adult Product Reviewer

Title: Sex Educator of the Year 2014. Blogger at Madame Amrita's Toy Box

Focus/Specialty: Adults with disabilities, older/senior/elderly sexuality, transgender pre/transition/post op, essential safe sex practices pre/post hot date, triage exposure to STD's/STI's or pregnancy, role reversal/roleplaying/BDSM/pansexuality etc.

Elevator pitch: I teach Adult Sex Education using the Adult Products that I Review as tools and all while wearing themed costumes in a High Def green screen background Video made from live footage of my broadcasts 5 nights a week online!

Degrees, Licenses, Certifications: Psychology Tests, Reviews, Substance Abuse Counselling, Sexual Health & Epidemiology, Sex Educator of the Year 2014, Diploma and Awards for Benefit for Adult literacy

Real life experience: Ex Sex Worker, Ex Dominatrix, Ex Stripper/Strip Tease, Masseuse, Reflexologist, Phrenology, Survivor of Sexual Abuse, Cult and Religious Brainwashing, 12 step programs, Herbalist,
Shamanism, Wicca, Freemasonry, Tantra/Tantric

Awards/Acknowledgements: AVN & AEE Awards/Expo 2015: Sex Educator of the Year 2014









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Twitter: @MadameAmrita Skype: madameamrita (in usa not germany)