Jerome Stuart Nichols

Name: Jerome Stuart Nichols

Birth Year: 1987

Gender: Male

Pronouns: He/him

Race/Ethnic Origin: Black

Nationality: American

Location (address, city/state and/or zip): Ypsilanti, MI 48197

What I do: Blogger, Photographer/Editor, Graphic Designer/Artist, Educator (HIV/STD/STI, health, pleasure etc.), Counselor/Coach. I also focus on diversity through the S+PD and S+POCD

Title: Creator of

Focus/Specialty: People of color, kink, D/s, men, emotions, emphatic dominance.

Elevator pitch: Everyone deserves great sex and relationships. My job is to find the best way to help them get there. Oh, and I mean EVERYONE.

Degrees, Licenses, Certifications: Bachelors in Psych
Cert if baking and viennoiserie

Real life experience: 5 years running and creating everything for Also, I’m a black, gay, fat, atheist with chronic depression, anxiety issues and ADHD who is currently in a long-term full time D/s relationship with a white man who is 7 years my junior.