Dr. Reece Malone

Name: Dr. Reece Malone

Birth Year or DOB:

Gender: Male

Pronouns: He/him

Race/Ethnic Origin: Filipino / Spanish

Nationality: Canadian

Location (address, city/state, or zip):

Four Rivers Medical Clinic
647 Broadway Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3C 0X3

What I do: Therapist, Speaker, Educator (school teacher, HIV/STD/STI, health, etc.), Counselor/Coach

Title: Sex Therapist, Sexuality Educator, Sexologist

Focus/Specialty: Low desire, orgasm concern, erectile issues, painful sex, sexual orientation questions, gender identity and gender transition, sexual enhancement, BDSM, kink and fetishes, open relationships.

Elevator pitch: I provide sexuality counseling, education and therapy to individuals and diverse family configurations. Office, phone and Skype sessions available throughout North America. I welcome all sexual orientations and gender identities. www.reecemalone.com.

Degrees, Licenses, Certifications:

Certified Sexologist - American College of Sexologists
Certified Sex Therapist - State of Florida
Certified Sexuality Educator - American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists

Real life experience: From a Mennonite town; catholic; gay, kinky & gender queer; published the first int'l drag king magazine; queer performance artist; prev bathhouse employee; published author & peer reviewer.

Awards/Acknowledgements: In 2011 was recognized as Citizen of the Year for my work in LGBTTQ advocacy. Nominated a few times for activism and advocacy awards in my city. 1997 I won a Lambda award for my work with LGBTTQ youth.

Website: www.reecemalone.com

Email: info@reecemalone.com

Phone: 204-471-8771

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Reece-Malone-Sexologist/242577475791550?ref=hl

Twitter: @drreecemalone

LinkedIn: Reece Malone

Anything Else?:

Rainbow Resource Centre
170 Scott St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3L 0L3
Phone: 204-474-0212 ext. 203