Aida Manduley

  Aida Manduley

Aida Manduley

Name: Aida Manduley


What I do: Consulting (for businesses as well as individuals), lectures/speaking engagements, sexuality education (across the lifespan but with a focus on 6th-12th grade youth and adults), counseling/therapy, advocacy, and writing.

Focus/Specialty: Summed up, my areas cover sex, death, and violence. I focus on alternative and/or marginalized sexuality communities (LGBTQ, kink/BDSM/leather, non-monogamous, HIV+); violence and trauma (sexual assault, hate crimes, domestic violence); and death, particularly end-of-life issues with older adults. Additionally, I do work around anti-oppression more broadly and have done work around immigrant rights, particularly focused on Latinxs.


Twitter: @neuronbomb

Gender: Femme woman

Zip code: 02119, MA, USA

Birth year: 1989

Race/Ethnic Origin: Latina