Shine Louise Houston

Shine Louise Houston

What do you do?: I run Pink and White Productions, which has a commitment to diversity and equality within porn.

Job title: Founder/Director, Pink & White Productions

Focus/specialty: Pink & White Productions creates adult entertainment that exposes the complexities of queer sexual desire. Taking inspiration from many different sources, Pink & White is dedicated to producing sexy and exciting images that reflect today’s blurred gender lines and fluid sexualities.

Amy Color

What do you do?: Intimacy & Relationship Coach

Job title: Experiential, hands-on coaching in communication, connection and intimacy.

Focus/specialty: Relational Intimacy, reconnecting couples, a new way of being together, erectile dysfunction, prostate issues, premature ejaculation, porn addiction, social pressures/expectations, body acceptance, overcoming sexual trauma, inability to feel pleasure or desire, find and express wants and needs, experiencing orgasm