Why I love dating queer men


As a twenty something woman living in the city, I’ve had my fair share of shitty dates and bad sex. If it’s not the rude messages on OkCupid, it’s the lagging conversation during the date or the subpar sex afterwards that leaves you wanting something with a lot more substance. Being the sensible queer girl I am, I decided to change my straight, cis routine and offer up this good pussy to my queer brethren.

While I hadn’t dated one before, queer men now hold a special place in my heart...and vagina. Unfortunately, most people look at queer men like lepers. I have seen the queer light and I want you know why queer are fucking awesome!      


No macho bullshit:

Many of the queer men I have been with are not traditionally masculine. That means the feminine things, the girly things I do are not seen as weak, stupid, vapid, or useless. In other words, my femininity did not threaten them and they are ok with participating in or liking things typically labeled “feminine”. Their queer identity breaks from traditional masculinity, thus they appreciate facets of life that are not masculine.


They treat the pussy right:

The queer men I’ve been with tend to be better in bed than their straight counterparts. With the queer men i’ve dated, they tend to be more adventurous, empathetic and intune to my body’s needs.They realize sex is a two way dance and that my pleasure matters as well. Maybe it’s because they’ve been with people with all types of different plumbing and had different types of sex. Penis in vagina sex or penetration isn’t the be all of sex. They know this and explore different ways to get me off. Also, they let me put stuff in their butt.


Common ground:

Since we’re both queer, we both understand that sexuality and gender don’t exist in black and white. It’s a spectrum. It’s a journey. It’s a process. It’s easy for some and complicated for others. Queer men and I bond over exploring our identities and our journey as queer people. We understand people are complex. That’s what you should be looking for in a partner. Someone who sees you as a 3-D human being who is multifaceted, dynamic and has a great ass.


They know my place is wherever I want to be:

In my experience, queer men are more aware of the benefits their masculine gender identity provides. They understand their male privilege and the sexism that is embedded in our society. It’s important to be with someone who can understand or at least empathise with you about your struggles. As someone with an oppressed identity, they are more likely to understand your frustration with the world.


Now, queer men aren’t magical unicorns; they still can be misogynist and have toxic beliefs about women. There are also plenty of straight boys who can provide a lot of the same things. It’s just seems that queer guys get it and that’s why I give them the pussy. I’ve got enough to worry about like jobs, school and how good my eyebrows look, I don’t need to worry whether or not a man sees me as his equal. So to all the queer men out there, I appreciate you and hit me up at kytara@ltasex.info

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