Who did it better: Panic! at the Disco channels D'Angelo in sexy new video

panic at the disco d'angelo.jpg

When R&B singer D'Angelo dropped his now classic music video for "Untitled," everybody stopped and took notice. It was one of those rare moments where a male artist becomes the object of lust and lust we did. 

Recently, one of my favorite bands, Panic! at the Disco released the video for their sexy new single Girls/Girls/Boys, they decided to pay homage to one of the sexiest videos of all time. While not as groundbreaking as D'Angelos breathtaking masterpiece, it certainly puts a new spin on classic male sexuality and we like that. Plus, I've always had a thing for Panic! lead singer Brendon Urie and it's very nice to see him in the buff. 

Check out both videos below.


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