We-Vibe Tango Review: Put a party in your pants

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We-Vibe Tango is one really well-made and great functioning vibe. Even though, it’s not my personal favorite, it’s still Sexpert Approved and worth a look.


We-Vibe Tango

What: Traditional mini vibe

Price: $79.99

Material: ABS Plastic

Intensity: 9/10

Loudness: 3/10

Dimensions: 3.5” length, 2.25” circ., .7” dia.  

Features: Waterproof, multi-function, body-safe, phthalate-free, travel friendly, USB rechargeable, 90 min rapid charge


Bottom line

I really enjoyed the We-Vibe Tango. The sum of it’s pretty damn good parts make for one thrilling device. It’s got a very good design and build quality but is missing the ergonomics to make it an all-around good choice. Also, its buzzy sensation isn’t my favorite but might be just right for someone else. While I still prefer Muse by NS Novelties as my current mini vibe of choice, Tango offers some portable conveniences that make it better suited for the horn dog on the go.


Turn ons

Overall, I like the design of Tango. It’s a very simple lipstick-shaped design. While I wouldn’t mistake it for lipstick, at first glance, most people probably wouldn’t think vibrator. There are little Tango and We-Vibe logos at the base but I didn’t see them until I looked. The bright pink color my Tango is covered in would probably be the biggest enemy of portable discretion – there’s also a blue color available. Though, in a bag, I probably still wouldn’t notice.

Just like all the We-Vibe devices I’ve had the pleasure of checking out, Tango is one well built device. I’d even say that I’m more impressed with the build quality of this model versus their other offerings. It’s got the right amount of heft without being too heavy. In fact, feels like one solid piece of dense plastic, which as an accomplishment.

Performance wise, We-Vibe Tango excels. It’s a got a really strong motor that will give a hearty buzz wherever you place it. The vibration doesn’t feel as refined as Muse by NS Novelties but it’s on par with something like Mia 2 by Lelo. The lipstick shaped tip is really great for making contact with a clit or nipples. The 4 different functions and 4 speed settings offer noticeably different sensations.

 We-Vibe Tango charging port and power bottom

We-Vibe Tango charging port and power bottom

Charging Tango is really easy. It comes with a micro USB cord and an adapter for the device itself. The adapter fits on the cord snuggly and attaches to Tango magnetically. From dead, the battery can rapid charge in about 90 mins and run for about 2 hours straight. When the battery is low, the bottom blinks to let you know. It even blinks when Tango is off; so, you’ll always know when to charge it.

Even with all that power, Tango manages to be quieter than you might expect. It’s not “whisper quiet” like the box says but it’s rather quiet. When it’s sandwiched between legs, butt cheeks or tucked in a pair of undies, I can’t hear it at all.

Since it’s 100% waterproof, you can take it in the bath, shower or pool. You can also easily clean it with just soap and water, without worrying about water seeping in.

Turn offs

While charging is very easy, I wish the cord was permanently attached to the proprietary adapter.  I worry about losing it under some really unfortunate circumstances or when I need it the most. If sex toy makers would take a lesson from cell phone makers (except Apple) and work on a charging standard, that’d be great.

In use, I found that We-Vibe Tango sent an uncomfortable amount of vibrations to my hand.  I often found my hand going numb or my scrotum/nipples becoming less sensitive with just a few minutes of usage.  I’ve never had the important parts of me go fully numb but I prefer to be as sensitive as possible.

Because it’s so compact, I found it difficult to hold in my large hands. Also, the hard plastic exterior gets to be pretty slippery when covered in lube. Together, these issues made for some awkward use.

Other stuff

If you’re looking for something like Tango, the pricing is right in the sweet spot. I just didn’t like it enough to pay cash for it myself.

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