The 28 best twerking gifs in the world

With Miley Cyrus deciding to don the twerkin’ rachet bitch persona, twerkin’ has officially jumped the shark. “Achy Brakey Heart” was a great song but was it worth it? We have now lost twerkin’, something that was once simple and sweet. It was an innocent joy, Miley; you monster.

As I sit here consoling various members of the now defunct Twerk Team, I thought it might be a good time to revisit twerkin’ as we once knew. You know, back when people clapping their ass cheeks together was unsullied and pure. Here are 27 GIFs of jiggly ass cheeks wobbling too and fro’.

RIP Twerkin’

2000 B.C. – 2013 A.D.

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