Turn Off to Turn On this Earth Hour with Durex

This year, Durex is encouraging couples to get back to basics by inviting everyone to Turn Off to Turn On this Earth Hour, 29th March.  


According to the recent Durex poll it seems a significant number of significant others are being sidelined in favour of technology.  Over half of 18-24 year olds believe that technology is negatively impacting their relationship compared with only a quarter of over 55s. A further 5% have even checked Facebook, as well as 12% admitting to answering the phone, and 10% reading texts.


As a call to action, Durex created this short film, #turnofftoturnon, showing couples turning off their phones, iPads, and computers and reconnecting with their partner. 


The campaign, which launched earlier last week has already had 124 million engagements worldwide. So when you’re turning the lights off tomorrow, don’t forget to turn off your electronics, embrace the physical, and reconnect with each other!


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