The pooper plunge: a prudish straight girl’s thoughts on experimenting with anal sex

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For those of you who have never asked a group of people what their thoughts and feelings are on anal sex, I have one word for you:  beware. I ventured this query recently and I received a *cough* butt-load of responses. Where I went wrong, I think, is questioning my most prudish friend first. 

A brief involuntary chirp escaped her lips and, all of a sudden, her face consisted of only moist, wide eyes and a pained grimace.  A moment later, once she regained a small amount of composure, she managed to point at a more liberal friend of ours and squeak, “ask her.”

As it turns out, the new interviewee was a bubbling fountain of facts and opinions on this subject.  She dropped the terms “anal beads,” “butt plug,” “lube” and “pegging,” as if they were everyday terms. Perhaps they were? It was my turn for moist, wide eyes. 

Other female friends avoided the topic, all together. On one occasion, a friend’s eyes darted to a spot beyond the horizon and said, “Oh, look!  A distraction!”  I, graciously, allowed myself to be distracted. 

As for the men’s opinions, they were, surprisingly, assorted.  Many were gung-ho about anal sex.  In fact, I could just hear the silent high fives being exchanged between bros.  This is, admittedly, the reaction I expected from every testosterone carrier. 

In other deep voices, I heard curiosity, disgust and, even, boredom.  One guy even called it “overrated,” which is a word that has swum around my head more than once, but t I never expected to come out of a guy’s mouth. He said it so matter of fact-like, leaving no argument, leaving no room to lubricate the conversation or an anus. 

I’m going to be honest here. I’ve always been anti-anal.  Exit only kind of girl.  However, as I’ve grown older and wiser and developed the ability to laugh if things don’t happen to work out perfectly in the bedroom, I’ve become less uptight. My curiosity bone has started to tickle and I’m warming up to experimenting.  The variety of responses I received, when I broached the subject of anal sex, has piqued my interest. 

So, I suggest this, to all of you who are prudish and bland, like me:  let your imagination take a walk.  You don’t have to immediately take the pooper plunge but, just once, try not to blanche at the thought of being touched there by your lover’s finger or tongue.  Just consider it, because, who knows, you might enjoy it.  And if you enjoy it, you might enjoy other things…


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The pooper plunge:  a prudish straight girl’s thoughts on experimenting with anal sex

For those of you who have never asked a group of people what their thoughts and feelings are on anal sex, I have one word for you:  beware. I ventured this query recently and I received a *cough* butt-load of responses. Where I went wrong, I think, is questioning my most prudish friend first.

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