Tantus Acute: premium silicone, reasonable price, beginners rejoice

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The Tantus Acute is a fun little dildo. It’s very versatile and is a great first dildo. I had a lot of fun taking this one out for a spin.


Tantus Acute

Price: $40

What: Traditional dildo

Material: Silicone

Stats: Diameter: 1.25", Insertable Length: 5"


Turn ons

Like all of Tantus' toys, Acute is made from premium silicone. On this one the finish is sleek and smooth to the touch. Going in, it’s even smoother. It’s small size is great for people who want to try out penetration. The shaft has some slight curves to it, which adds to the sensation. Its wide flat base can be attached to a harness or placed to the floor.  I highly recommend sticking it on the floor and going for a ride.

The silicone on the Acute is smooth but make sure you lube it up well, it does have a little drag if it is not properly lubed.  That being said, this has to be the smoothest silicone product I have tried so far. 

Acute can be easily cleaned with soap and water and is easy to store.  It is also completely waterproof, if you like to get dirty while you get clean. It is sturdy and durable and should last you a while.

Because of its wide base, Acute is a great option to stick up your butt. You can sit on it or use it hands-free without worrying that it’ll get lost. It’s also a great handle for thrusting.


Turn offs

Like many silicone toys, Acute can be prone to a little drag. Make sure that it is sufficiently lubed before you use it. 

This toy also does hang onto smells a bit more than other toys I've tried.  If you're going to use it as an anal toy, you should probably only use it for that. Yes, I know that soaking it in a bleach solution would get rid of the smell but it’s still a little bothersome.


Bottom line

Tantus Acute is great as a first time dildo and is durable enough to last you. It won’t cost you a ton of money but offers some of the smoothest silicone you can ask for.  If you prefer smaller toys or are just getting into penetration, this might just be the toy for you.


Review unit provided by Tantus Inc. 

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