What Women Really Want

There is a lot of talk about how big dicked you need to be to satify a woman. Well the women have finally let their voices be heard and you might be suprised by the results.


The general consesnus is that if you are anywhere from 5in long x 5.75 in grirth to 11in long x 7.25in in girth you are what women want. If you are between 7in to 8.5 long and about 6.5 inches around then according to women you are what is most ideal. This chart shows us what we all know, average is just fine. Take out your tape measure and find out where you stand... well hang.

If you are above or below the desirable area don't feel left out. Just know that you will have to rely on your fingers and tounge to give the pleasure you want to give. Like TLC says, "If it ain't swangin' just put yo' tounge in it."


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