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Do you really need a relationship right now?

Do you really need a relationship right now?

In many ways, being single is a great advantage to being paired. For instance, if I want to get drunk and slutty or leave my head and my heart on the dance floor, I can. I get the freedom to explore and try anything I want without needing to consider someone else. However, there also downsides to being single. These revolve around not having someone in your corner when you need them or having the empty side of the bed. In my case, none of this effects me. (That is a lie.)

In no way am I looking to be paired, but I am not against being paired either. At this point in my life, like many of you, I am focused. I am working towards my degree, building a career, working on passion projects (like this one), and making sure that I am happy with myself and the people around me. I am not concerned with dating. Often I see people in relationships and look upon them with envy. I am not envious of their love and everything else, instead I am envious of the regular sex that they should be having.

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