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Sam Arora Likes Gay Money, Not Gay Rights - Quickie

The bill allowing gay marriage in Maryland is moving along nicely. It just passed the senate and has moved into the house where it seemed like a it was a done deal. Then Delegate Sam Arora decided to throw a wrench in things. While ferociously pro LGBT rights during his campaign, Sam Arora is now all about JESUS! and decided that he would not support the bill. As is their right, LGBT campaign supporters became furious at Sam Arora's outright lies and deceit and rallied for their contributions to be returned. Lo' and behold Sam Arora decided to backtrack, he is now begrudgingly supporting the bill.

This situation is very distressing because the Deomocratic party planned to groom Sam Arora for political elevation. Luckily that has also been squashed. He is up for re-election come 2014.


Moral of the Story:

Vote his ass out of the Maryland house come 2014.

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