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 Ok, a boy who is 7 years my elder told me he liked me. Then he said that he couldn't date anyone under 21 cause of a promise he made to his friend...then he says he wants to date me but he wants to take it slow. Then I find out he went up to one of my best friends and asked "What do you know about her?". My friend (who is a guy) said things along the lines of shes like a sister to me and such things like that. "Why?". He then proceeds to say that I "confessed my love for him" and other such lies. I have text messages and the fact that my roommate was around us the entire time to prove all of this false. Why is a grown ass man acting like he's in High school? When I confronted him about it, he said he was trying to spare me the ridicule of rejection and make me look good. I wanted to sock him. What up?!

Ok what? To be honest I am not quite sure what is happening with this situation. However, here's what I think is going on...

This guy says he likes you. So clearly he does. Then he says he can't date you because of a promise he made to a friend. What happened in between those times? You don't know. I would venture to say that this friend was someone you know. Someone who told him something about you that he didn't like. Either that or he found out that one of his friends may like you too. Then he says he wants to take it slow, which means he's rationalized what he didn't like, or he decided he didn't care about your other admirer. Then he goes on and proceeds to ask around about you, which may be to see if what he didn't like was real. He then tells people that you confessed your love, and this is where things get odd for me.

This entire situation is strange. It would be a lot easier if I could decipher his motives. As it is said, there are 3 sides to every story, and I'm only getting one. If I had to guess I would say that this guy professing your love for him was more a small lie than any type of backstabbing. I wonder if maybe you rejected him at some point during this fiasco. He could have prematurely told his friends that he was, for lack of a better word, courting you, and it could have been a move to save face. I think that you may be making this situation into more than it really is.

You don't want him. You are not going to date him. If he's not in your immediate social circle then you can easily ignore him and move on. My advice to you is to move on and forget about it. I know you probably wanted some sort of Miss Cleo premonition, but child the spirit realm is cloudy today.

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