Sex Number: Why The Number Of People You've Had Sex With Doesn't Matter

Everyone has an idea of the number of partners they’ve had over their lifetime. If you say you don’t, you’re lying. If you really don’t remember that’s because you have to get blackout drunk to have no-strings sex and that is a topic for a different post. In our heads, the number is like a check to see where we stack up against everyone else. We wonder if we have had enough partners, if we’ve had too many or too few.

In any relationship, the question of how many people you've slept with will come up. Often we don’t want to share because we think people will think badly of us. We’ll lie to make the number seem more palatable. I’ll tell you my number. It’s 78. Do you know why I am so willing to share? Because it doesn’t fucking matter. Do you know what a 2010 poll found to be the average? Six. How do I feel about being General Slutacular over here? I don’t care. Why? Because it doesn’t fucking matter.

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