anal loving ladies, act and ye shall receive!

I want my boyfriend to give me some anal loving and he's not too keen on the idea. All I want is some anal sex. I have only had it one other time in my life and thoroughly enjoyed it. Is there any way I can convince to do it in the butt? Halp!

-  BootyLoveMix

Dear BootyLoveMix,

Anal sex nowadays is very common, and is one thing that’s simple enough for a guy to satisfy. Usually when a guy has a problem with it, he has some kind of mental block. It’s dirty in there, or I don’t want to hurt you or only whores like it in the butt. The first thing you need to do is find out what his block(s) is/are.


Go to him and just tell him, “I want you to fuck me in the butt.” Well, depending on how conservative he is you might want to word that differently. Try something like, “I think it’d be cool if we tried anal.” It’s simple, to the point, and is a low pressure way to bring up the topic. From his reaction you will know how you should proceed. If his reaction is anything similar to, “ewww… WTF!? That’s disgusting!” then you could suspect that you may not be getting any anal loving from him. If he is receptive then you know that you can move forward.

If that initially conversation leads to promise, then you can move the issue ahead. One particular study on the effects of arousal in men found that 81% of the men who were aroused would be willing to try anal, as opposed to only 43% of the men who weren’t. You can use this to your advantage. The next time you know you’re about to get it on, get prepped and ready. Clean yourself out, and make sure you’re ready to go. Then mid-intercourse just whisper, “Fuck me in mi culo.” (A little Español never hurts) and he should, most likely be willing to comply.

If that initial conversation is promising but you think that he needs more time to wrap his head around the idea, try watching some anal porn. Make sure to mention how hot you think it is and how much you wish that he would anally invade you like that. If he watches anal porn already, offer to role play his favorite scenes.

I’ve mentioned it twice already, and that’s because cleanliness is a BIG freaking deal! Even a little bit of unkempt anus may potentially ruin the mood and lessen, if not murder the chances of it happening again.

Like the Ying Yang Twins say, “you know they say a closed mouth don’t get fed, so I don’t mind asking for head.” Well a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. Nor will it get your rectum violated in the way you desire. Make sure that you let him know that this is something you want, soothe his fears and discomfort. If you follow these steps and use your own best judgment, then you can’t go wrong.  

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