Grrr... Evil Steve Jobs Is Evil: Exploring The Battle Between Sex And Technology

I've started writing this post three times. Initially it was a rant on Apple’s new text message filtering patent. I was angered, and rightfully so, about the 1984 reality that Apple is heading towards. Each time I would get 500-600 words in and I would stop because I ran out of steam. I started out so angry, “grrr… evil Steve Jobs is evil” and would eventually dissolve into a tired, pathetic anti-Apple/pro-open source rant. I couldn’t figure out why.  So I stepped away for a while, in an attempt to gather my thoughts. What I realized, through deep contemplation (and by deep contemplation I mean drinking more beer and pounding on my keyboard furiously) is that I am not angry with Apple, I’m angry with the state of technological sexuality.

Sex and tech are inextricably linked. The more technology we get the more we will adapt it to get us off. Porn has always been on the forefront of media distribution and is still identified as the reason DVD & VHS both took off. I don’t know one vibrator manufacturer that wouldn’t kill for a solar or hybrid power source small and efficient enough for a vibrator. Nor do I know one prostitute that did not love having Craig’s List as a marketplace for selling their services. This being true, I wonder what is the cause of sex and technology’s chaffing, un-lubricated relationship.

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