How to get the sex and relationship of your dreams

There was recently a story going around about a guy in NYC who was leaving business card in women’s magazines with his name, phone number and handwritten message that read:

[“I am a single white male, 45 years old, 5’9” tall, who wants to give oral sex to a woman, 18 to 59, any race, ethnicity, nationality, religion. I want to satisfy your carnal lust by giving you powerful orgasms.”]

Many people in the media treated the story as if this is a problem. I sincerely don’t see it as one.

John Westwood is a man like many others who likes to eat pussy. Many men and women enjoy the sensory explosion of putting your eyes, nose and mouth that close to the vagina. Many can’t enjoy a thrilling experience such as this often enough. Clearly, Mr. Westwood is among those men. Admittedly, this is the first time I have heard of anyone distributing flyers for their cunnilingus services, but there is a first time for everything… right?

While his methods a tad unconventional, and in the time of craigslist might seem a nigh prehistoric, I think he’s on to something. One of the many reasons people site for not being sexually satisfied in relationships is because they are either not getting enough, or the right kind of sex they want. How else do you get the sex that you want but by asking for it?

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