getting what you want

How to ask your partner for what you want, 3 easy steps!

I’m unsatisfied in my sex life. I feel like my partner is being selfish, we only ever do and try the things he wants. I have things that I want to try to but he downplays them. This has been going on for most of our relationship and I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to dump him but I need to have my needs met.

- He About To Lose Me

Well the first thing you do is dump the motherfucker. The second thing is to find someone who isn’t a manipulative, selfish asshole. Set your boundaries from the beginning and make sure that your wants and desires don’t get minimized for his selfishness. However, you did mention that you don’t want to dump him so I will try to help you with that.

For your romantic quandary, I present… 

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