The Best Femdom Porn These Old Eyes Have Seen - Let's Talk About Toys


This week has been really interesting for me as I find myself slowly getting back into the swing of things now that I have a computer again. It feels very good to be back. I REALLY missed the massive amount of work it takes to keep this site running and sexy.

Speaking of slaves, I recently came across a website that immediately caught my attention. MenInPain.com is a website that offers only femdom porn. Admittedly femdom is definitely not my forte but I was actually quite aroused by what Men In Pain had to offer.

All of their content is 100% original and features models of varied body types and while is not a racial diverse as I would like, it does not seem as if they have a tendency to white wash.  I found the variety of BDSM kink to be astounding and even found a few activities that I had never seen on film before.

Each scene begins with both models discussion their scene and how they would like it to play out. At the end you get to meet up with our glowing performers as they talk about the scene that played out. From watching these interviews you get the feeling that these people really love what they are doing. I found that intriguing most of all as it is rare for porn performers to seem as if they enjoying anything more than paying their light bill.

If you are into femdom porn or ever wanted to take a glimpse at the world of femdom BDSM then I can not recommend MenInPain.com highly enough.

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