Mr. New Booty Briefs - Quickies

Hey Guys! Are you lacking in the booty department? Are your cheeks flatter than pancakes nailed to a vertical wall? Is your nickname "concave booty"? Do you literally need to take out a mortgage just to have a flat ass? Well, I've got the solution for you!

Well. . . not me, but Mark & Spencer do. They've created a line of underwear that will give your butt a boost. They claim it will give you a 38% larger looking tush. I'm unimpressed, but then again genetics have blessed me. This may be big news for the ass deficient among us.

They also sell a pair that enhances your package, so if put together, you can look like your packing all around. On second thought, I'm down with this. Women have their push-up bras. Now guys have push-up drawers.  

[via CocoPerez]

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