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Full Disclosure - New Advertiser

Hello all,

I just wanted to update you on some cool news. We just got our first paid sponsor. They are a company called Eden Fantasys. They traffic is sex toys, lubes, sexual aids, books, restraints, and education. This may not mean anything to you but up until now all the ads you have seen in the sidebar are all free ad space I'd given to companies who were doing good work as a quid pro quo for the discounts they offer you. Now we are getting paid for one.

This is good for everyone. Eden Fantasys gets people clicking on their ads and checking out their site. I get a bit of cash to help pay for the site hosting. Let's Talk About Sex gets more products to review. You guys get a 15% discount from them by using the coupon code SZZ.If you buy anything from them using that coupon code we get a little bit back from that as well.

Like I mentioned we are getting sex toys from them to review. Since they are not q manufacturer, you need not worry about preferential treatment or bias. However, they did recently become a part of Liberator (a manuafacturer of sex aid furniture) but that has no bearing on my agreement with them.  I personally choose each product with the same care I always have. Our agreement with Eden Fantasys only requires that I link to their site in the posts and nothing more. In the every instance where this is true I will make sure to note it so you can buy being fully informed.

I want to make it clear that nothing will change and you will not be bombarded by spam about Eden Fantasys. I am in complete control of every ad, every product, and every mention of their name. I just wanted to keep the open and honest relationship I have built with you all over this past year.

This is a really good deal for everyone. So please welcome Eden Fantasys on board, they will be with us at least until next year. Check out their site, and stay tuned for more reviews. We just recieved the first product and it's a good one.

Love you long time


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