How to stop the pain when warming lube starts to burn

I think we can all agree that soft, supple, kissable lips are sexy. A kiss anywhere especially on the inner thigh, labia, head of the penis or nape of the neck can send shivers down your spine. Can remember the first time you let someone really explore every inch of your body with their lips? Can you remember the soft anticipation and electric buzz as you gave up control and let yourself enjoy the moment? Can you remember that moment when you felt the burn? The moment you realized that your loving and considerate partner had forgotten to wipe off the Carmex he or she had recently applied? Is that just me? I really hope so… it was not fun.

This is such small thing, but if you forget, it could mean an abrupt end to an otherwise pleasant evening. This could happen with other products like Bengay, Icy Hot, and warming lubes and condoms. All of these products have a warming/tingling effect that can be too intense for sensitive skin areas, ie labia, penis, anus, lips, etc. Personally, I don’t want any of that stuff near any of my stuff, but sometimes there are accidents. This is why I put myself through a bunch of unnecessary pain to find you the best remedy. Luckily, it’s simple and cheap!

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