The Case of the Colonel & the Stolen Panties - Quickie

Colonel David Russel Williams, was once commander of the largest Canadian air base. Asto 88 charges ranging from breaking and entering to felonious theft.

It seems that our respected colonel enjoyed breaking into the homes of his teenage neighbors and stealing their underwear, not only stealing but wearing them... in their bedrooms... and photographing his exploits. He meticulously recorded his exploits and that was his main downfall.

His spree began in 2007, and continued until September 2009 when he began to escalate. He broke into the home of two women, where he blindfolded and sexually assaulted them. A month later he killed a flight attendant. In January 2010, he killed his second victim and buried her near his home.

He was finally arrested after officers were able to match the treads of his tires to ones at the burial site of Jessica Lloyd, his second victim.

Below is a list of all 86 of his charges:

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