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How To Become A Masturbation Master In 6 Easy Steps!


Guess what. You're doing masturbation wrong. Well… not wrong, per se, but you definitely could be doing it better. Everyone masturbates and we all have our own techniques, but how often to you go off the (pun intended) beaten path? You’ve got to keep your sex game fresh even if it’s sex with yourself… especially if it’s sex with yourself. It has taken me years of unabashedly spanking it to become the master of my bation. With this well lubricated guide, you will be mastering yours in no time. Here are my top 6 tips to become the very best.

#6 Breathe

I know it sounds odd, because if you don’t breathe you die, but pay attention to you breathing. Inhale and exhale deeply and in a controlled way. It helps your body relax and gain a sense of calm pleasure that is much harder to achieve otherwise.

#5 Seduce Yourself

You may be alone when you masturbate but that doesn’t mean you can’t take the time to turn yourself on. Even masturbation is better with a bit of foreplay. Play the music that gets you in the mood. Wear what makes you feel comfortable, especially if it’s nothing at all. Surround yourself with what makes you feel calm or sexy. You know what you know what you need to get going and stay going. Pamper yourself.

#4 Use your whole body

Masturbation is simple; you just stimulate your genitals and repeat until you’re satisfied. However, you have two hands and a body that begs to be touched. Even though you’re alone, you can caress yourself. Rub your neck, pinch your nipples, caress your stomach, lick your fingertips, spank yourself and do everything that you like to do in paired sex. If you haven’t explored your body yet, well get to it. Knowing how you like to be pleasured will make you a better lover for other people and, more importantly, for yourself.

#3 Express Yourself!

Doesn’t screaming and cursing just feel good on a primal level? Why not have those feelings while you’re making your way to the most pleasurable natural high you can achieve? As teens masturbating in our bedrooms, we have to be silent so mum and dad or annoying siblings don’t burst in and ruin our fun. Little did we know that our ninja like stealth was inhibiting our pleasure. Now that we’re all grown up and most of us are living on our own, we can moan and squeal with delight and pleasure from every mountaintop.

Madonna said it best, “Express Yourself!” and she was right. Talking dirty, moaning, screaming, squealing, cursing, or even just vocalizing anything you want will help you to release the tension and energy building up inside. It will help you feel that orgasmic sense of release early and often throughout your masturbation session.

#2 Go-Go Gadget Dildo!

Our hands are amazing tools that can do amazing things to our bodies. However, your arm is only so long and your hand is only so strong. So when you reach that point where you’re hands aren’t getting the job done, why not take a cue from Inspector Gadget and pull out a toy or two to help get the job done? Vibrators, dildos, Fleshlights, Tengas, nipple clips, butt plugs, prostate stimulators, weed, ice cubes, and textured textiles can all be used alone to increase the ability of your hands to provide pleasure. Hands-free toys such as butt plugs, nipple clips, and weed can be used to increase pleasure while leaving your hands open for other things.

#1 Stimulate Your Mind!

We all know that the mind is our biggest and most important sex organ. This means that in every sex act, no matter what we’re doing, we must stimulate our brains. So, look at porn, saucy magazines, and sexy pictures, if you are the visual type. If you’re a cerebral type then you will want to get your dirty mind revved up by fantasizing. Erotica is a great tool to get your mind thinking about naughty things. Putting the visual and cerebral together is optimal. That way, you can use the visual material to help send your mind to any number of naughty destinations.

Think of everything and anything thing that gets you riled up. Talk yourself through different fantasies and explore them in your brain. Linger on every thought as if it were an island of sexy fodder. Don’t be afraid to think about things you would never want to do, these are your fantasies and you have no limits to the sexy scenarios you can dream up. The best fantasies are the ones that work for you, so don’t be timid.

If you want to be a Masturbation Master, you need to have the drive, dedication, and a lot of lube. This guide will only get you so far, you have to train rigorously. It’s a lot of hard, throbbing, moist work. However, you have the technology. You can reach the summit of Mt Orgasmo harder, faster, and stronger than ever before. Make sure to bring a damp towel.

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