Stroke 29 masturbation cream by Gun Oil - Review

Like most people I’ve been masturbation for vast majority of my life. With all my years of hands-on trial and error, I thought I had my masturbation game tight. Then Stroke 29 masturbation cream by Gun Oil came into my life and made me realize just how whack my whacking off had been.


Stroke 29 by Gun Oil

What: Masturbation cream

Price: $18, $26

Size: 3.3oz, 6.7 oz

Features: non-drip, fragrance-free, taste-free


Bottom line: I love Stroke 29 by Gun Oil. While I’d been hesitant to try out masturbation specific lube, I now realize what a fool I’ve been. The creamy consistency and long-lasting slick-yet-tactile sensation easily make Stroke 29 my new favorite hand-on-cock masturbation lube. Everything that makes it great from masturbation, also makes it great for anal: it’s easily my favorite anal lube yet.


Turn ons:

While I’ve used a bunch of different lubes to jerk off with over the years, I’ve never actually loved any of them. They all head some major drawback that made them annoying at some point. Stroke 29 managed to fix almost all of those problems.

The thick consistency means Stroke 29 doesn’t drip and is much less messy than liquid lubes. It’s so thick that you can’t even accidentally roll on the tube and squirt it all over your bed.

When in use that thickness means it stays where you put it. Even though it melts and becomes slicker after some stroking, it’s not like melted butter. It starts thick like cream cheese or Vaseline and ends up like a mix between silicone lube and skin oil. 

Because it uses oil as its main lubricant, Stroke 29 lasts longer than lotions, Vaseline and water-based lubes. Once I get enough on my cock and it melts, I don’t usually have to reapply. A little Stroke 29 goes a long way. I generally only have to use a drop about the size of a dime or less to get the job done.

Although a lot of people like silicone lube for its tactile slickness, I find it to be too rough for my cock. Stroke 29 manages to create that skin to skin friction that feels so great while increasing the slickness without becoming slippery. For me it’s the perfect consistency.

 On the back of the bottle, it’s clearly noted that Stroke 29 is for external use only. Since I like to live dangerously, I gave it a try during anal with the boyfriend. Turns out, all those qualities that make it great for masturbation also make it amazing for anal sex. While I don’t get that butt-full-off-lube feeling I like, it’s only because I’m enjoying that previously elusive boyfriend’s-insides-expertly-massaging-my-cock feeling that makes my knees quiver.

I reached out to Gun Oil to see why it was external use only and here’s what a rep had to say, “Stroke 29 is recommended for external use, primarily for male and female masturbation, but it is safe for any use.” So, anal fun is all good. I didn’t find that it had any taste so, oral is good too. She did note that, “We do not recommend it for use in vaginal intercourse or vaginal toy play because it takes a certain temperature to achieve its transformation from a cream to a liquid.  Once inside the vagina, Stroke 29 will return to its cream consistency because the body temperature inside the vagina is not high enough to maintain the liquid consistency.”


Turn offs:

Although using Stroke 29 is not messy at all, the oil could leave a stain if you get it on some fabric. I didn’t happen to get it anywhere I didn’t want it, so I can’t say if it actually stains or not.


Other stuff:

While I don’t find it to be a problem – especially when only used externally like the bottle suggests – Stroke 29 isn’t parabean-free. If you don’t think GMOs and phthalates are a problem, this is probably not a big deal. But if you have a family history of breast cancer or are a smoker, I would read up about them.


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