Simply Slick, a simply awesome lube

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I'll be real, I got my bottle of Simply Slick back in late Jan but let it sit on the shelf until mid-March. Like many sex bloggers, I've gotten a little tired of "revolutionary" products that usually fail to deliver. Eventually, I figured I'd give it a chance and I'm very glad I did. It is easily the longest lasting lube I’ve ever tested. Not only does it perform very well but it has a bunch of added benefits that – for once – appear to be more than just marketing hype.


Simply Slick by Simply Solutions


What: Organic, all-natural oil-based lube

Body safe: 10/10

Longevity: 9/10

Condom safe: Yes


Turn ons: Long-lasting performance, all-natural ingredients, pH balanced, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-yeast, non-staining, organic, condom safe

Turn offs: Oil-like consistency can make application messy, $12.50 per ounce

Bottom line: With quality, all-natural, organic, anti-microbial ingredients and top notch performance, Simply Slick is a stellar personal lubricant. If you can deal with the $12.50 per ounce price tag, it's definitely worth checking out.


When I first flipped up the top and dabbed a little Simply Slick between my fingers, I immediately enjoyed thick-yet-silky texture. It doesn't exactly feel like lube. In truth, it feels a lot like heavy whipping cream or Eucerin body lotion. It's viscous and thin but manages avoid feeling oily, despite its oil base.

When I actually lubed up my cock and my boy's butt with it, all those positive qualities made for one awesome experience. We have a tendency to have extended sessions of anal intercourse – an hour or more. With every other lube I own, we have to reapply multiple times per session. With Simply Slick, we had to reapply once in an hour. I've tried a ton if lubes in my time but Simply Slick easily lasted the longest. Even my boy – who isn't very knowledgeable about lubes – said he preferred it over the five other lubes we'd used together.

I know that the positive performance qualities I'm describing are common among oil-based lubes. Unfortunately, it’s also common for oil-based lubes to facilitate bacterial and yeast infections in the vagina. It's also common for HIV educators to warn about similar problems with anal intercourse, especially since oil-based lubes generally aren't condom safe. On the other hand, Simply Slick is pH balanced, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-yeast. Oh and it's safe to use with latex condoms.

While I don't really care about the package lube comes in, Simply Slick is a little over packaged. The small 2 oz bottle is shipped in a larger plastic container. It's not a huge deal but it seems unnecessary.

Also, the bottle has a flip top. Normally this is fine but – with a lube this thin – it can make a mess quickly. I forgot close the top and it poured out all over my bed in about 10 seconds. Luckily, I saved enough for another romp and – despite the large wet spot it made – it dried with only a slight discoloration. When I threw my sheet in the washer, it came out stain-free.

If I'd had to pay for the bottle of Simply Slick, I would have nearly died when it spilled. With a 2 oz bottle retailing for about $25 US, I spilled about $18 worth of lube onto my sheets. For the performance, I have a hard time saying it costs too much, compared to other similarly priced lubes.  Even still – for me – the price is too damn high. I could see myself buying a bottle to have for a special occasion but it will never be my go to lube at that price. On the plus side, though, a little goes a long way. If you’re using this for oral or vaginal, you’ll get a lot of uses out of it. Even with anal, you should get more use than you’re used to.

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