Question: Can I have anal sex if I have hemorrhoids?

The quick answer: No, absolutely not. No.

The long answer: Yes, you can because you’re a human with free will, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Unlike anal sex when you’re completely healthy, you will probably cause a lot of damage to your anus and sphincter. Plus, it’ll probably be pretty painful. Here’s what you need to know:


What’re hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids, despite their terrifying mythology, are simply swollen blood vessels in your anus. Sometimes, they can hurt or bleed, but usually they’re just uncomfortable for a while. The vast majority of cases are painless and generally go unnoticed. They’re a common sign of general unhealthiness.



They’re caused by straining or putting too much pressure on your anal or rectal blood vessels. Things like constipation, diarrhea, bad diet, sitting on a toilet seat for long periods, pregnancy, liver or heart disease and straining during bowel movements are commonly associated with developing hemorrhoids. Frequent heavy lifting and standing or sitting for long periods of time can make them worse.

Also, apparently 50 percent of people age 50 or over seek treatment for hemorrhoids. Since that group is becoming more sexually experimental and they’re as uneducated about sexual health stuff as everyone else, I think people should really be talking about that more.



The swollen veins may bleed or get irritated easily. While the veins are swollen, you’re at a higher risk for catching STDs through your anal tissue. Hemorrhoids can cause itching, burning and pain when sitting.



They’re curable with time alone, diet changes or using wipes instead of toilet paper. Advanced or painful cases may need over the counter or prescription items to aid in comfort while they heal up. If they seem to last more than a couple weeks, you should give your doctor a call. People with diabetes or other illnesses that affect healing should see their doctors immediately.


So, can I put stuff in my butt if I have hemorrhoids?

You can do anything you want, but if you want a healthy, functional anus that’s as pain-free as possible, you should probably avoid making it do any extra work while it heals.

We’re talking about veins that are swollen and possibly bleeding, it’s just not a good idea to insert anything in your anus bigger or firmer than what comes out. That means anal intercourse should probably be off the menu until you’re fully healed. Though, you can try using a finger or small toy with patience and lots of lube.

If your hemorrhoids are internal, rimming should be perfectly fine. If they’re external or prolapsed, you should definitely see a doctor; you can ask them about your particular case. Whatever you choose, make sure to stay on top of your safer sex stuff. It’s wise to use condoms, dental dams and stay consistent with your PrEP doses. You’ll need to be extra careful while you’re healing.


Some personal experience:

As a guy on low carb diet, I eat mostly meat, cheese and other protein-rich foods. Because of my diet, I’d usually strain a lot to get myself empty and it’d take a while. Together, it caused me to develop a couple hemorrhoids.

They never hurt, except when going to the bathroom. I only knew it wasn’t a small tear because I take my advice and use a soapy finger to clean my anus in the shower. It felt like a softer tapioca ball. To fix it, I simply put more green vegetables and a fiber supplement in my diet.

As far as anal while the hemorrhoids were around, that was a no go. I don’t really enjoy receptive anal anyway, but it was just so uncomfortable.


Each person’s mileage may vary depending on what you’ve got going on in your anus. Generally, though, they’re not a big deal. Even still, anal sex with hemorrhoids is probably going to be a no go.


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