Pregnancy scares make you reevaluate things

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Pregnancy scares: They happen. Whether you were positive the condom didn’t break or your contraceptive of choice was fully functional, they are a piece of the unexpected consequences of sex. In any case, let me tell you about my personal run-in with a pregnancy scare.

I was drunk. Yes, of course. What’s a pregnancy story without someone, or in my case both people, being hampered by good ole Bacchus invading my veins. You would think that a sexpert like me would know the simple task of not mixing booze and sex together, but I wasn’t always a safety fiend.

Pretty much what you would expect could happen, happened. We were drunk, didn’t have a condom and wanted to fuck each other’s brains out.

Now, it wasn’t a complete mess. I hesitated at first when the possibility presented itself. A sexy woman was offering to partake in a nude encounter, but I told her I didn’t have a condom. She took a second and told me as long as I didn’t ejaculate we would be fine, and my obvious erection didn’t let me forego the thought. A moment later, I said let’s fuck.

We had sex for about five minutes at most. The sensation put my unfortunately sexually immature self to the threshold too quickly. I told her I needed to stop or I actually might come inside her by accident, so we stopped. I went back to my dorm room and went to sleep.

My situation was a bit different. I still thank her for what she did, but still feel like utter shit for thinking this way. About a week after the hookup occurred we still hadn’t talked. Actually, it felt as if she was avoiding me.

Turns out she was.

Apparently, she had missed her period and assumed she was pregnant. But I didn’t know any of this. Not until she told me two weeks later. She called me over to her room and told me she had thought she was pregnant.

I felt my heart quicken when she said that. I asked, “Thought?” She told me not to worry, her period had come a week later and it was fine. We had ourselves a laugh. She told me she loved me but not enough to have my kid. I nodded and told her having a nappy-headed, half-Dominican kid might not be the best thing for our lives right then.

Since then, she’s called me her baby daddy. And she, my baby momma.

All jokes aside, that was one moment where I reflected on a lot of my values. I’ve joked multiple times about what I would do if I ever got a girl pregnant, and I realized I couldn’t be the asshole who would dip out on a girl.

A couple of years later, I have become a safe-sex guru talking about the importance of contraception and sober sex for proper consent.

Although pregnancy scares can be absolutely terrifying, they are not the end of the world. There are resources that can help with what you may consider.

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