Pour Moi Intensity review - great but not for every vagina


Bottom line: Intensity by Pour Moi is well-made, performs well and has a lot of potential but I’m just not feeling it. If you want what it has to offer and know you enjoy electro-stimulation, then it’s a probably a great choice. Otherwise, I’d try out a similar, lower cost electro-stim device before investing your money on this. 

Intensity by Pour Moi

What: Vibrator/Electric muscle stimulator 

Price: $199.99

Materials: Silicone, steel

Body safe: 10/10

Vibration intensity: 6/10

Power: 4 AAA batteries (not included)

When I got this toy to review, I was definitely interested in what it did and had to offer but I wasn’t a fan of the design. It’s generally designed well and has a great build quality but it’s cumbersome and looks like a mauve stun gun. Since this was originally a medical device to help with bladder leakage, it gets a bit of a pass on that but not by much. 


Before I get too much further, a little bit about Intensity. Unlike a lot of sex toys and PC muscle strengtheners, this is both a medical grade device and sex toy. As far as I can tell, the retail version is only different in the addition of two vibration motors. If you’re looking for a custom fit rabbit vibe, relief from accidental bladder leakage or a stronger pelvic floor, Intensity is here for you. There’s also people who say a stronger set of pelvic muscles makes for better orgasms but I’ve yet to see any science on that. 

The way it works is the same way a TENS unit for physical therapy works: sending electrical impulses to the muscles to make them move. The addition of vibrating motors adds pleasure to the workout but it’s not meant to replace your favorite toy and it definitely didn’t for me.

So, I’ll just say it, I’m both not feeling and feeling too much from Intensity. Let’s start with the too much.

The main selling point of Intensity is its electro stimulation pads. Unfortunately, I hated the way they felt. The second selling point is the added vibration ability. Sadly, it just wasn’t strong enough for me. 

The first time I used it, I used it with my partner. We lubed up the electrodes with the included salt-free, hypoallergenic Intensity Electrode Gel as the documentation urges. We started with insertions and vibration. So far, so good. 

The placement and size of my clitoris wasn't a perfect fit for Intensity’s clitoral stimulator (my clitoris is a bit large and sits right below my mons pubis), but still enjoyable. This is my first rabbit so I'm not quite sure if this is common. Also, the vibrations themselves weren't as strong as I would have liked, but I tend to prefer vibes on the stronger end. 

We then tried slowly inflating the insertable section to full capacity. It was a bit snug at first, then I adjusted. That all works well; there’s is a pump integrated into the end of the device that you...well, pump and a button to deflate.

 The troubling electrode pads  

The troubling electrode pads  

Then came the horror...we turned on the electrodes. On the top and bottom side of head are electrodes or “Stimulation Contacts” as Pour Moi refers to them. They send an electrical impulse to make your muscles contract - very similar to what some people use in physical therapy to strengthen muscles.

We only turned it up to the first setting but it was awful. It felt like my vagina had just clicked on one of those gag shock pens. We didn't use the electrodes again during that session. We did use the vibrator and inflation features, which alone made for an extremely pleasurable experience.

I decided to give the electrodes another shot, this time on a solo mission. The result: the same unpleasant experience as before.

Before I tried Intensity out, I’d some experience with a TENS unit and I hated that, too. I’d absolutely test out if you will actually enjoy electro stimulation before you drop the cash for this, unless you’re looking for a pretty decent inflatable rabbit-style vibe. 

Even though I wasn’t a fan of the main selling point, it is built well and the inflatable feature is pretty cool. Although it is a bit clunky and large for my small hands.

At this price, I’d really expect Intensity to come with a rechargeable battery but it doesn’t. I know rechargeable AAA batteries are cheap and replaceable batteries means a longer lasting device. Even still, I’d like to see some demo batteries at least.  


Another thing to note, if you are using an IUD, please consult your gynecologist before using this device. If your IUD contains copper, it could be a problem.

Perhaps I don't meet the criteria for this product, maybe you (yes, you reading this) suffer from a weak from a weak pelvic floor and this will work for you and be enjoyable. However, in the meantime, this product gets a resounding “...Meh...” from me.


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