Pipedream Bamboo Slap Happy Review - Spankers and spankees delight

Lately, I’ve really come to enjoy reddening my boyfriend’s backside. As such, I’ve been testing quite a few tools to get the job done. While I think I’ll always prefer the tactile feedback from my bare hand, the Bamboo Slap Happy by Pipedream is definitely a great substitute.


Bamboo Slap Happy by Pipedream

Price: $19.99

What: Bamboo baton

Dimensions: 17.25” long, 1.5” wide, 1” thick, 9.25 oz.


Bottom line: I kind of love Bamboo Slap Happy by Pipedream. It’s easy to wield and provides the pain/feedback me and my guy need. It’s easily my favorite spanking implement thus far.


Turn ons

When I first got the Slap Happy, I wasn’t sure what to think. Before I got this in my hand, I’d only seen whips, paddles, floggers and canes used for spanking. This big, thick bamboo rod seemed decidedly – if not oddly – more extreme than those options. Luckily, though, it turned out to be the most pedestrian and yet most surprising option.

Just looking at ­­­­ Slap Happy is definitely intimidating. While it’s got some design tweaks to make it more palatable, it’s essentially a solid bamboo baton. It does have a 1/8 inch thick slice taken from the middle. I’m not sure if even my pain whore of a partner would be able to handle this without that piece taken out, it would hurt too dang much.

Not only does removing that segmenting of the bamboo make the smack bearable, it also adds a ridiculously satisfying crack sound with every hit. Both my guy and me absolutely love that sound. At this point, the sound alone will give me an erection.

In the hand, Slap Happy is very comfortable. It’s not particularly heavy or weighty but it feels solid. It’s weight and size make it very easy to wield. You can easily get some very solid hits that will leave a lasting impression. More than anything I’ve used to beat my boy with thus far, it really leaves some beautiful bruising on his rear.

According to my boy, the pain is actually quite pleasurable. I’d have to agree. Whereas a cane provides a sharp snapping pain, Slap Happy provides a duller smacking pain, which is often more bearable. This will probably be best for intermediate pain receivers or better. Yet, if you use caution with the force applied, this could be a perfect thing for endurance training.

Even as an over eager beginner sadist, I found it incredibly to use. Because it’s rigid and only about two feet long, it’s very easy to aim. Because the pain wasn’t so unbearable, I had some leeway to hit a little too hard – on accident, of course.


Turn offs:

Since Slap Happy uses an all-natural material its long-term durability is determined by any natural faults in the wood. In my case, one particularly energetic punishment scene led to a hunk of bamboo flying across the kitchen. Luckily, the other side is still intact and in frequent use.


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