Pipedream - Neon Luv P-Spot Stimulator Review #SexpertApproved


Bottom line:

While I'm on the expert level of the booty Olympics, I still managed to have my fun with the Neon Luv P-Spot Stimulator. This toy is excellent for beginners who want to start tapping into the pleasures of their prostate. I definitely would recommend this toy to someone curious about anal penetration and playing with their p-spot.


Neon Luv P-Spot Stimulator

Price: $20

What: Prostate stimulator

Material: ABS Plastic

Insertable length: 4 inches

Diameter: 1.03 inches


Don’t judge a prostate stimulator by its cover — the Neon Luv definitely is more than what I expected. After giving this toy the benefit of the doubt, I enjoyed some much-needed self-love.


Turn on:

The Neon Luv does exactly what its clever title says; it presses against your booty's love button. It did not fail to impress.

Because the toy is made of plastic, I got a little worried. My preference usually is silicone, metal or glass, since those are body-safe materials

The finish on the Luv is rather cheap — its plastic-y, as I mentioned before, but without any stray marks or jagged edges it was smooth going inside. Plus, I get to use my beloved silicone lubes with the Luv.

I wanted to give this toy a thorough review, so while the toy was snugged between my cheeks I began to walk around my bedroom. No slippage and no irritation, but still not convinced, I started to do some jumping jacks. All good. Squats? Wow, that felt good.

I wore the toy for an hour and had no issues for how long it was in. This is great for folks who want to use a toy for an extended period of time. Just remember to use plenty of lube for anal play. 

The Luv is a tough sucker as well. Being made from ABS plastic gives it a hardiness that means nothing would happen to it if you threw it across a room. I can almost hear it say “You can’t get rid of me!”

Fun factoid: The shape of the hook end allows the toy to be hung on a shower or shelf.


Turn off:

When I got the Neon Luv, I was rather disappointed with the packaging. It was held between a plastic covering and a piece of cardboard, like you would find on an action-figure box at Toys R Us. Luckily, when I took the toy out of the box I felt less apprehensive. 

While I was trying out different positions, I sat down on my bedroom floor, which is when I got some discomfort. The shape of the toy made sitting down uncomfortable. Now, if you sat on a sofa/couch/etc., you might be able to manage.

If you need a toy with a little give, you might want to reconsider. Because this toy is made of hard plastic, your butt might dislike you.


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