The new school of sex positivity in hip hop


I really fucking love hip hop and I also really fucking love sex positivity. If you think the two don’t mix, you’re wrong; from Salt N Pepa’s “Let’s Talk About Sex,” to Akinyele’s “Put it in your Mouth,” hip hop is always bringing sex positivity and liberation to the masses. While we started with sexual health, these days, it’s artists like Kanye West and Drake carrying the torch and promoting ethical non-monogamy, sexual agency and sex positivity. Here are some of the most outspoken.


Kanye West:


Most people think Kanye West is a loud mouth who never knows when to shut the hell up. While this is true, he’s rarely wrong; I defy you to justify Taylor Swift winning over Beyoncé for video of the year at the VMAs. Recently, he’s set aside a few bars to promote ethical non-monogamy and female sexual agency.

No Church in the Wild (2011)

“We formed a new religion / No sins as long as there’s permission / And deception is the only felony / So never fuck nobody without telling me”

“Thinking 'bout the girl in all leopard / Who was rubbing the wood like Kiki Shepherd / Two tattoos: one read ‘No Apologies’ / The other said ‘Love is Cursed by Monogamy’ / It’s something that the pastor don’t preach / It’s something that a teacher can’t teach”

On Sight (2013)

“Black Timbs all on your couch again / Black dick all in your spouse again / And I know she like chocolate men / She got more niggas off than Cochran / How much do I not give a fuck?” 


Azealia Banks: 


Although Azealia Banks is a polarizing character, she’s usually spitting something worth listening to. Since she’s determined to control her own sexuality and love’s getting her pussy eaten, she’s constantly dropping something new that would make Lil’ Kim blush. When it comes to ladies doing for themselves, I’m taking Azealia to the bank. Also, she’s openly bisexual, that’s scores her major points right there.


P-U-S-S-Y (2011)


“I wanna see what you're all about / Can you let me ride the dick and keep a nipple in your mouth / Can you let me turn around without taking you out / Position my shit then bounce, pow / Weave smelling like shampoo / Don't be afraid, boy, grab a whole handful”


212 (2011)


“Kick it with your bitch who come from Parisian / She know where I get mine from, and the season / Now she wanna lick my plum in the evening / And fit that ton-tongue d-deep in / I guess that cunt getting eaten”




 Drake started at the bottom and now he’s here letting women know that, in 2103, the notches on your bedpost don’t mean shit. I mean, YOLO after all.

Girls Love Beyoncé (2013)

 “You’ve got your fair share of admirers that call your phone / You try to act like it’s just me but I am not alone”

Take Care (2011)

“I asked about you and they told me things / But my mind didn’t change / I still feel the same / What’s a life with no fun? / Please, don’t be so ashamed / I’ve had mine, you’ve had yours / We both know”




Although Wale has had a couple successful singles and a collaboration with Lady Gaga in her “The Fame” days, most people don’t know his name. Regardless, he’s not a fan of monogamy and wants you to know. You got to love a man who knows what he wants.

Bad (2012)

“Monogamy or whatever you call it / I'm starting to think it ain't for everybody / Most of us rushing into it anyways, you know what I'm saying / You ain't rushing for love, and I ain't up here to judge”

The Breeze (2010)

“When they dancing in my face, I get one chance then I'mma take it / So, lord forgive me for my indirect sinnin' / Am I cheating on this woman if I'm gettin' naked pictures from another / I love her, and I'm always gonna want it / But let me be 100, see monogamy's redundant”

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