Muse Massager by NS Novelties - Review

There are very few vibrators I actually like. Sure we’ve given the Sexpert Approved seal to a few but I’ve only given my personal approval to about three in the last four years. Well, after testing out the Muse by NS Novelties, the number is now four.


Muse by NS Novelties


What: Dual motor vibrator

Materials: ABS plastic, silicone

Body safe: 10/10

Intensity: 8/10

Loudness: 3/10

Dimensions: Height 3.5”, Base Diameter 1.75”, Base Circumference 6.25”


Turn ons:

Great price, high quality materials, easy to clean, cute, great battery life, rechargeable, water-resistant

Turn offs:

Initial charging was a little awkward, weighty base makes holding it unbalanced

Bottom Line:

For $65, Muse by NS Novelties is a heck of a buy. It’s well made, adorable, powerful and fun. While it’s intended to give the clitoris some attention, a pair of gay boys had a heck of a lot of fun with it. If you’re looking for a step up from a bullet vibe with a thoughtful design and exceptional performance, Muse is definitely worth a look.


Taking Muse out of its box, I could immediately tell it was a well-built toy. All the materials felt high quality and manufactured well. It’s got heft and presence in your hand. Also – even when powered off – it looks like a bunny in a subtle yet adorable way.

If nothing else, Muse is really freaking cute. Its general design is playful with LED accent lights that make it look like a happy, intense or furious bunny depending on the setting. It seems weird to say a vibrator has personality but it totally does. It’s charming in a way that makes it seem purposeful. That’s not something you see every day in flowers of fuckfest world of sex aids. It’s definitely a sign that NS Novelties has some smart and thoughtful people working behind the scenes.

Beneath the playful design, there’s a lot of attention paid to the overall fit, finish and function of all the parts. The bunny ears house two motors. The eyes are the on/power up and off/power down buttons. The eyebrows give you a visual confirmation of the power it’s putting out and it’s charging status. The silicone and ABS plastic materials are snugly fit together. The charging port in just a hole in back that somehow manages to stay water tight.

Muse’s good looks are matched by its exceptional performance. Together the motors deliver powerful and penetrating vibrations. While the vibrations produced are powerful, they’re not the ugly, thuddy, nerve-killing kind you get from most vibes. These vibrations are those of a high-performance device. They’ve also done a great job of dampening the vibrations to the body of the device. I had my boy tied up, tickling and teasing him for nearly an hour but my hand never got numb.

The seven functions include 3 speeds and four patterns. Unlike a lot of other multi-function vibes, the different patterns actually make a difference. Each one provides a different type of sensation that is as pleasing as they are surprising.

While Muse isn’t silent, it’s definitely not loud either. I couldn’t hear it through a door in a silent house. If the device is touching something other than a body, the sound is amplified. Even then, the higher-pitched sound is hardly identifiable as a vibrator.

The mark of great battery life in any gadget is that you forget it’s running on a battery. Since my boy has taken ownership of my Muse, we’ve been using it a lot. Whether, it’s pleasing and teasing his nipples, balls, neck, feet, penis, anus, inner thigh or flank, it’s never run out of battery.  Recharging is quick and painless; you simply plug the wall charger into a tiny, nearly-invisible hole on the rear of the unit. When the eyes stop blinking, charging is done.

While charging is easy, it’s also the one issue I’ve found in my time with Muse. When I first tried to insert the charger into the port, I felt like there wasn’t a hole in the silicone. I kept pushing it in because the silicone was stretching and I thought that’s how it should work to be waterproof. Eventually, though, it just sort of popped into place and I never had the problem again.

Also, because of the way Muse is shaped – a bulb-shaped body with protrusions from the top – it can be awkward to hold. It’s not heavy, so it’s easy to maneuver but you have to actually hold it most of the time. I did find that holing it between the legs with the ears on the anus and body under the testicles was an awesome hands-free option.


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