Morning after pill might not work for people over 176 lbs, but don't count it out yet


This is a (maybe) sad day in the sexual health world. According to a new report on Mother Jones, the morning-after pill is not effect at all for women over 176lbs and dramatically loses effectiveness in women over 166lbs. This news comes after HRA Pharma the French manufacturer of Norlevo, a European emergency contraceptive, updated their packaging to reflect these limits.

While this news is coming out of Europe and this new change has not hit any of the two-step emergency contraceptive pills sold in America like Plan B One-Step, it could prove to be a major setback. Many of the most popular emergency contraceptives sold in America have the exact same dosage and chemical makeup.

As this news broke this morning, we’ve yet to receive confirmation from American manufacturers on if this problem exists with their version but caution is encouraged. Even if this change never comes to US shores, I would look for alternative versions or talk with a doctor before spending $50 on Plan B. Since it’s only the levonorgestrel ones that are of concern, you should have other options. Even long term birth control like an IUD might be for you.

I think it's really important to note that this article and all articles you will read today on the topic are making a lot of very reasonable assumptions. Regardless, since this has not been changed in the US, it's best to take the meds you need as prescribed or labeled and sue the fuck out of them if it fails.



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