Manbound Silicone Cuffs by Sportsheets Review #sexpertapproved

Manbound Silicone Cuffs by Sportsheets



I love a good pair handcuffs as much as your next kinky gay … well, at least I always want to like them but, honestly they all kind of suck. The metal ones are too hard; the fuzzy ones are so ugly they're a turn off. Recently, Manbound, the gay male focused sub-brand of Sportsheets, sent me a pair of their silicone cuffs to review. Although they've got their own faults, I dare say, I think I'm in love. At least enough to give it the #SexpertApproved seal.

I really enjoy the simple all black matte silicone design. It's elegant and sexy. It's not overtly gendered, but they do have a futuristic presence some might describe as masculine. They look like they're matte painted metal in person, but are actually very flexible and stretchy. Although, the latter of the two could use some help.

Silicone is a surprisingly smart material to make restraints from. There's all the normal body safe, non-reactive, non-toxic, phthalate-free, low cost, durability, and hygiene plusses. There's also no metal in them, so they are lightweight and travel-friendly. There's no key to lose - although, that also means they're not adjustable, which creates a discomfort problem.

 My pup rarely ask for walks. Cuffs, on the other hand, is something different. 

My pup rarely ask for walks. Cuffs, on the other hand, is something different. 

They're decently easy to put on and take off. Although, since they're not as stretchy as I would like and the silicone has a lot friction, it is an adjustment to learn to do that comfortably.  With help, though, it's an pain free-experience, at least until I don't want it to be.

In use they're generally pretty dope. We are able to use Manbound's Silicone Cuffs in all the ways we use traditional cuffs - mostly my boy on his knees, arms bound behind him while I use his face. That friction I mentioned earlier doesn't make them uncomfortable in use. Although, after an extended session, the thin, firm rim of the cuffs leave an impression in his wrist. According to my guy, it didn't hurt, but rather felt dull, warm and itchy, which is to be expected. I am able to tug and pull on the cuffs freely and the work really well in conjunction with all my other bondage gear.

All the stuff that makes them uncomfortable to put on alone also makes them more difficult to get out of than I expected. It's not impossible, but it's a struggle; they've yet to come undone by accident. This is a major plus, which allows for quick release in case of emergency, but makes sure your prey can't just wiggle free at will.

Bottom line: Manbound's silicone cuffs are a great alternative to traditional or cheap fuzzy cuffs. I love their simple unique design and the silicone material has a surprising amount of benefits. As long as you don't mind that the cuffs can be removed by the wearer, this is a fantastic and well-priced option for beginners and more experienced kinksters. Beginners and casual players might find these cuffs to be especially accessible. 

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