Make your oral sex adventurous

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I love head. I mean I really love head. Not only are blowjobs relaxing and orgasmic, but they are one of the best ways to show affection and arousal to a partner.

You can have oral sex in all sorts of positions and situations. Your only restriction is your imagination and flexibility. Here are some suggestions:


The shower:

When receiving or giving oral in a shower you have a mixture of sensations. The feeling of water droplets falling on your body while having your genitals licked/sucked feels incredible. Whether you’re the one performing or receiving, change it up with the temperature of the water. Pro tip: turn off the lights for some fun in the dark.


Morning head:

With your partner’s and your own consent, giving or receiving head can be a relaxing way to begin the day. And it may lead to other activities.


While restrained:

Now as you may or may not know, I’m the residential kinkster of LTASEX, and as such I can’t go without mentioning kink at least once. I have an under-the-bed restraint system that keeps arms and legs apart. I want you to imagine the possibilities. With their or your consent, having the loss of mobility and resistance can be a thrill of its own. Having constant stimulation without being able to pull away may be a new fun experience.



Playing video games:

Imagine how great it feels to finally beat that final boss and hear the victory music all while climaxing. Sounds legit, right?

Pop in that game, hand off the control and go to town while providing a sensually comfortable experience. And for those of us who like demanding a bit of attention, try timing how fast it takes to distract the person and getting them killed (if it’s that type of game).


In a ball pit:

What? Never thought about getting or giving head in a ball pit? Let me tell you right now, it’s a fun experience. Since there is a ball pit at my house (which was built by my wonderful housemates) it was bound to happen sooner or later. Nothing like bobbing for balls in a pit of balls. See what I did there?

Also, becoming more verbal with how you receive or give oral sex can make it even better. Your partner(s) will appreciate hearing you moan or mention how much you enjoy their taste or their tongue.

Like I mentioned, oral sex is only limited to the creativity of the people involved. If you think of something dynamic and fun, do it. And if you want to share your experiences, let me know. Finding out new ways to experience oral sex is definitely on my list of interests. 

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