LTASEX is in danger of shutting down and we need your help

Over the past couple months, I’ve been the absolute poorest I’ve ever been. Like many people in their mid-twenties, I’m currently getting crushed under the weight of student loans, rent and the depleted economy. For the umpteenth time, yesterday, I had to make the hard decision between food and everything else. That everything else includes the $25.50 I spend every month to keep LTASEX online – just $7 less than my checking account balance at the time.

While I can sometimes do this or that to keep the site running, this month, it isn’t an option. With how behind I am on bills – due to being laid off for three weeks and having my bi-weekly pay cut by 30 percent – I don’t know if I’ll be able to find an extra $26 anywhere. That means, in two weeks, when Squarespace’s late invoice grace period is done, LTASEX will go offline. If it stays offline, Squarespace will eventually delete all of LTASEX’s data and it will probably be gone for quite a while, if not permanently.

So, I’m coming to you, the readers, for help. I don’t want to see LTASEX disappear from the internet because of $26.  Right now, financially, I’m in a pretty unfortunate situation. I’m worrying about buying things like deodorant, trash bags and toothpaste but, what scares me the most, is the possibility of LTASEX going away.

I do LTASEX because I love it. The value and satisfaction I get from writing blogs and helping you solve your relationship problems makes living in constant poverty bearable. But, because I’m too poor to pay the relatively small monthly fee, it’s all in immediate danger of being erased. I’ve spent countless hours working on the site and making it awesome. I want nothing more than to keep doing that, if you allow it.

If you are a person who feels that – over the past 4.5 years and hundreds of blog posts – you have found any value in LTASEX, I need you to donate. Even if the only value you’ve gotten is $1, it’s a step in the right direction to keep LTASEX functioning.

Since I’ve yet to figure out Patreon, I’m just asking people to donate via Paypal. You can use the same email I’ve used to field all your sex questions over the years:

While it would be nice to cover this month’s $26 maintenance fee, I would really like to protect LTASEX from having this happen again. So, my hope is that I can raise about $320 to pay for the annual subscription and a 1-year renewal of the domain, instead of being on the chopping block every 30 days.

Since, my previous calls for help and donations have fallen on deaf ears, I’m not sure that this will be any different. It’s just that I can’t let LTASEX fade away without a fight and this is the last punch I can think to throw. If you don’t help now, no one will and LTASEX will be gone. So, please… please, if you can, open your zippers and help keep the sexy going.


Keep it sexy,


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