25 sexy, shirtless pics of "The Interview" star Randall Park

I might be summoning the wrath of the Guardians of Peace – the hackers who took down Sony Pictures – but Kim Jong Un is not an attractive man. On the other hand, the actor who played the North Korean supreme leader in the belabored film “The Interview”, Randall Park, is most definitely an attractive man.

I wasn’t super interested in “The Interview,” even as a celebration of first amendment. Yet, when I thought to wonder who played Kim Jong Un and found a sexy shirtless photo of Randall Park, I was suddenly super interested. I never claimed to be a film expert or whatever.

While an Asian man will probably not get the sudden adoration and shipping services of Tumblr, I’m more than happy to write some James Franco, Seth Rogen, Randall Park fanfic. For that failing, I will be forever disappointed in the internet but I’m more than happy to think about Randall Park naked all day long, to make up for the oversight. 

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