James Deen Signature Penis Pump brings a little luxury


Penis pumping is a very vulnerable situation. When you’re shoving your dick into a plastic vacuum chamber, you’ve got to feel confident. Whether, it’s the high quality plastics or user/penis-friendly design, the James Deen Signature Pump by Doc Johnson definitely provides a luxurious penis pumping experience.


James Deen Signature Pump by Doc Johnson ($49.99 US)

What: Penis pump

Material: ABS plastic, TPR

Turn ons

PACKAGING: Although it’s simple, I kind of love the box for James Deen Signature Pump. There’s something about seeing James Deen’s goofy face staring at me half-clothed that I kind of enjoy. Plus the colors are manly and sexy, without resorting to put some half-naked chick on the box who has nothing to do with the product.

DESIGN: Most penis pumps look like some kind of tool a mechanic might use and I don’t want to put my penis in those. James Deen Signature Pump by Doc Johnson looks a lot more refined and doesn’t make me think it’s going to rip my penis off with hydraulic pressure. So, I rather enjoyed putting my dick in it.

The handle pump action but set up in this 2-finger squeeze setup, almost like a syringe. It’s easy, to and gives you a ton of control over the suction. The placement of the pressure release valve is handy, you can press is without taking your hand off the handle but you never bump into it or press it by accident.

The pressure gauge is big and easy to read, although your body is a much better gauge of pressure.

COMFORT: The pressure comes on easy and doesn’t feel uncomfortable on any one part of my penis. The soft TPE penis cup, is comfy and doesn’t press or squeeze your cock at all. The lightweight canister, sits comfortable against your pelvis hand- free, which makes it easy to wear for longer periods.

PERFORMANCE: Like the Pipedream penis pump we reviewed a few months back, I had issues with keeping a seal, initially. Then, one day, I was beating off with some Vaseline and decided to see if the thickness of the petroleum jelly would make a difference and it totally did. I was able to get a much better seal and the swollen results I had been looking for but it still wasn’t perfect.

VALUE: At about $50, the James Deen Signature Pump by Doc Johnson is a right in line with what you should expect to pay for a decent pump. When you factor in the quality materials and performance, it becomes an even bigger value.

Turn offs

PERFORMANCE: As with most penis pumps, the fatal flaw is its inability to keep a good seal on cocks with a hair. While the Vaseline I mentioned earlier does help make seal tighter, it still has a slow air leak.  

Bottom line

While the James Deen Signature Pump by Doc Johnson suffers from the major flaw from which most penis pumps suffer, it still stands out. With high quality materials, a decent price and some darn good performance, it’s definitely worth a look.


Review unit provided by Doc Johnson

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