Rauf Yasit 'Rubberlegz' could do amazing things nude - 25 sexy pics

 German Dancer Rauf Yasit showing off his flexibility

German Dancer Rauf Yasit showing off his flexibility

Flexibility isn’t everything when it comes to sex but it can help. Looking at all the ways German dancer Rauf Yasit can bend, I’m thinking it may help a lot.

Not only is he bendy but he’s absolutely gorgeous. I really love the soft roundness of his muscular body. I always admire a body that looks more naturally developed.

Thinking about Rauf Yasit naked in all those positions is the stuff dreams are made of. Unfortunately, we’ll have to keep dreaming because he’s never been more than shirtless. *le sigh*

See, Rauf Yasit is a real bona fide pro dancer. I don’t even think he’s hitting the gogo boy circuit, which is so unfortunate.

You may know Rauf Yasit by his other name, “Rubberlegz,” naturally. All I know is, I want to know a hell of a lot more about this sexy boy. 

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