Ignite 8" Thick Silicone Dong - Review (with video)

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Bottom Line: I loved Ignite Thick 8” Silicone Dong by SI Novelties. With its large girth, quality materials, weight, performance and great price, it’s easily a great choice for my bedroom.


Ignite Thick 8” Silicone Dong by SI Novelties

What: Anatomical dong

Price: $40

Material: Silicone

Dimensions: 8" length, 7" circumference

I really don’t know why it’s so difficult to find a reasonably priced dildo that’s unreasonably thick. There are plenty of long dongs, but few that offer that “beer can thick” filling sensation. So, I when I found the Ignite Thick 8” Silicone Dong, I was rather excited. Once I got it in my hands, I was ecstatic.

While it’s hard to mess up the traditional silicone dong, many have found ways. So, receiving the Thick Dong in all it’s unadorned, simplistic glory was a treat. It doesn’t purport to cure cancer and it’s a wonderfully solid product that’s deserving of your money because of it.

So, yes, it’s big. Like, a couple cm smaller in circumference than a beer can big. If you’re not interested in girth, this is definitely not the toy for you. Yet, if you love a girthy toy and want something that you can keep around for a long while, you’ve stumbled upon a toy that just might be exactly what you’re looking for.

While many toys with lower prices claim to be made of silicone, many are straight up lying. Thankfully, the dense, scent-free, boil-able Thick Dong seems to be the real deal. Holding it in my hands straight from its clamshell packaging, I had few doubts it would be.

This bad boy is one solid mofo; don’t hit anyone with this toy unless you want to hurt them. It’s got a weight to it that screams quality. It also screams, “I’m about to do some wonderful things to your ass.” Thankfully, in use, it holds up to it’s promises.

I don’t love the finish of Thick Dong, but I don’t like the finish on the vast majority of silicone toys. For what it is, though, the satin smooth, seamless finish is definitely preferable to the glossy one commonly found on other toys. That satin finish makes the toy look better and feel better inside you. So, while it’s not my favorite in general, SI Novelties did execute a quality finish.

In general, the design is pretty anatomically correct. I’ve never seen a penis quite this large in real life, but it’s not out of the question. I could see someone like Castro Supreme matching up to it pretty well. I know some people don’t want anatomical dongs, but I really like that style. It looks powerful and sexy. If I did happen to see a penis like this in real life, I’d describe it as beautiful and that’s just how I feel about Thick Dong.

So, it’s got the weight, material, finish and design, but what about performance? Yeah, it’s got that too. Together, all those features makes one hell of an experience. I used it anally with my partner – him on the receiving end.

Although he was silent during most of our play time, he didn’t have to tell me how much he loved it; his face, contorted in a blissful state of pleasure and pain, said it all. Afterward, he was flustered and could only say that he really loved having Thick Dong inside of him. He’d never taken anything that big in his butt before but said it felt amazing sliding in and out of him.

From my perspective, I loved watching him stretch slowly around Thick Dong. I didn’t know if he’d be able to take it all, but I was proud and amazed. I know this isn’t anything specific to this toy, but it is a definite plus to the selection of a toy this large.

Because Thick Dong is so simple, there’s really only one thing I dislike about it: the suction cup.  Although, it was the feature of least importance, it would be nice if it actually worked; it sticks but not for long. I tried it on my front/closet doors, wall, desk and shower. It’s not wholly unusable, but the weight of the dong is so heavy it falls off in a few seconds, if left unattended. For the record, it lasted longest on my painted walls.

Overall, I loved Ignite Thick 8” Silicone Dong by SI Novelties. It’s a well-made, value-priced, anus satisfying masterpiece of simplicity. One that I recommend and will happily keep shoving up my partner’s butt for as long as it lasts. Since it seems to be made of high-quality materials, I think it’ll be stretching him out for a long time.

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