Pipedream Icicles No. 31 Review #SexpertApproved

Bottom line:

I am on the fence about this one. The ability to use either end of this toy is an excellent bonus, but the rigidity makes it uncomfortable to get it into positions I enjoy. However, glass is an awesome material. If this toy looks like something that'd please you, it's a solid choice. Even still, I am passing on Icicles No. 31.


Icicles No. 31

What: Curved insertable

Price: $34

Material: Glass

Item Length: 7 inches

Diameter: 1.19 inches


Turn on:

The box Icicles No. 31 came in was sleek and showed each side of the toy with a reflective lens flare to demonstrate its shine. You can open the flap to the box and see No. 31 nuzzled inside, looking pretty as ever. No, I’m not being condescending — this thing is beautiful. Glass toys always have a look that makes you say, “That’s going up my butt.”

It’s a two-in-one wonder: The shape of the toy gives you the versatility to use either a ribbed end or sleek, curved one. The prostate curve was my personal favorite.

Its slick and small size make an excellent combination for beginners worried about penetration. Lube makes insertion a wet dream.

Clean up is a breeze. Glass will not hold onto lubricant or microbes the same way as silicone or PVC materials. You can use soap and water or place it in the top rack of the dishwasher for a hassle-free cleaning.          

The price point for the No. 31 is quite average for a glass toy, which makes it a fair buy for most folks, including me.


Turn off:

The rigidity of glass toys makes trying different angles or positions difficult. The curve, meant to stimulate the prostate, can be tricky if you are not arching it all the way.

The deep ridges on this toy can be difficult on the anus for beginners who are not interested in repeated penetration. Different strokes for different folks.

Watch out if your hands are all lubed up — I dropped it once. Toys like the No. 31 are made of tempered glass, making them resistant to the horrors other glass objects face, but with a well-placed drop it could snap in two. If you want to keep this toy for as long as possible, be careful not to drop this babe onto a hard floor or use it to fight off any zombies you encounter.


Other stuff:

Along with easy clean up, glass toys give you the option of trying out temperature play. Microwaving or freezing will give you two new realms of sensations you might have passed over before.   


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