Bathmate Hydrodouche water enema - Review

Bottom line: I really, really like Hydrodouche by Bathmate It’s well-made from high quality materials. It’s also got a bunch of small features and niceties that easily make it my new favorite enema.


Hydrodouche by Bathmate

What: Water enema

Price: $159.00

Materials: Plastic, silicone


Turn ons

Overall, I really liked the design of Hydrodouche. It’s not particularly pretty per se but it does find a way to make every part of it feel premium. All the materials are noticeably substantial. It definitely feels like something that supposed to be in use for a while.

Whenever I’m reviewing toys that require assembly, I always give it a try without instructions first. To that end, Hydrodouche proved to be quite easy. Since everything fits together with just a couple of twists, I was able to set it up right on the first try.

So, let me just say that I think it’s really cool that they included a plastic organizer to hang and store Hydrodouche. It allows me to keep it in my shower in cleaner looking way. Also, it simply prevents the hose from falling and being in the way.

Hanging and moving Hydrodouche is very easy. The acrylic strap opens and closes with a simple plastic buckle. The fabric used in the hang strap isn’t particularly absorbent, which helps prevent bacterial growth. 

One of my main issues with my previous favorite enema was the nozzle used for insertion. Hydrodouche fixes that complaint with a longer, softer, easier-to-insert and more hygienic nozzle. This one is made out of flexible silicone, which is comfortable to use. Three holes in the rounded tip make clogs much less likely. 

The long nozzle also helps you clean higher in your intestines. So, if you're doing some intense anal stuff - like fisting- this might be your best friend.  

I definitely prefer the medical IV-like water control device on the tube, over others I’ve tried. You can move it anywhere on the tube. Also, you can use it with one hand.


Turn offs

After using my other enema with a 2L water capacity, the smaller capacity on Hydrodouche feels lacking.

Although, I’m extremely happy about the included hang strap, I really wish the water container had a lid. It tilts maybe 10 degrees but that’s just enough to lose some water from the already small water capacity. 


Other stuff

While, I really like Hydrodouche, I just can’t get over the price. On the other hand, I don’t know of an enema at any price that’s as well put together.


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