How to be a stellar anal sex bottom


The main (maybe only) difference between anal sex and vaginal sex is the preparation for it. But the choral lyrics by a couple of 80’s & 90s songs entitled “It Takes Two” still says it best: “It takes 2 to make a thing go right / It takes 2 to make it out of sight.” With that said, what makes a good anal bottom?


Since the anus is the passage way for fecal matter, no matter how well you feel you’ve cleaned yourself, accidents can happen. Accept it. While you can do proper anal prep, the reality is that all sex, even anal, can happen spontaneously.

When that sexual urge hits us, whether or not the bottom is prepared is an afterthought to achieving the main goal of pleasure. Therefore a good anal bottom gives themselves a light douche on a regular basis as a precaution to such instances.  On a day when they know they’re going to have anal sex, they do a more thorough cleaning, which will actually be easier thanks to the regular light cleaning regimen.

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If you always allow your top to call all the shots, then you’re allowing yourself to forget you’re human. For as a human, you have a voice, desires and you have a body that wants certain things done to it. So, let your top know. Your top has said what he wanted and, since it takes two to tango, you have a say as well.

Also, this communication is not all verbal. Like most sex, a lot of the communication is just sounds and action. An anal bottom must be able understand those signals and respond accordingly, if he/she wants to be considered “good” or even “great.” Such as when you hear those extra moans from touching a certain part of your top’s body, they’re still talking to you. So, it’s your job to respond and vice versa.

NO Poppers

It has been said that poppers help to relax the bottom’s anus and rectum, without side effects. That’s, of course, false. For, if poppers were really for that purpose, then many of the anal tops who are shoving it in their bottom’s nose wouldn’t be using poppers as well.

In reality, poppers do what people say but it’s also a headache-giving inhalant that will kill your brain cells. You can’t be a good anal bottom when you’re not only killing the cells of the greatest sex organ, the brain but also inconveniencing and causing discomfort to your top.

The relaxation needed to take a cock is all in the mind. Lube yourself properly and let your desire guide you. Let the first try (or more if necessary) be used to tell yourself how much you must relax yourself. That way one of the following tries will easily allow your top into that booty.

For the truth is a good anal bottom maintains their body in a way that they can give pleasure to and receive pleasure from practically any size penis.


Females do kegels mainly to strengthen their vaginal walls and pelvic floor. But an anal bottom can use kegels to strengthen the muscles around the anus and rectum. Which makes a more welcoming orifice for your top.

Kegels are very simple to do and can be done anywhere at any time without anyone noticing. So there’s no need for embarrassment. Just simply clench the same muscles you would to hold your urine for a few seconds, then release and repeat.

There’s some talk about kegels being bullshit but there’s really no way of knowing. The main thing is that doing them makes you more aware of your PC muscles and how to control them. Plus it just makes you feel more confident and sexy, which is probably the biggest benefit.

The brain

The brain is said to be the most important and powerful sex organ and, let me tell you, it is indeed. For it plays such a great part in every other component of what makes for a good anal bottom, that this will be the shortest section. Here’s what you need to know:

The brain is what directs our cleaning habits. The brain is what tells you how to communicate. The brain is what allows some to believe that “bigger is better.” The brain is what allows some to believe that poppers will relax them. The brain is what allows those, like myself, to say, “No, my brain will tell my body to relax.” Listen to your brain and have fun but don’t be stupid.

I hope this advice helps and, whether you agree or disagree, the ball is in your court now. So go out there, respect yourselves and your partner. For that is what let’s you have the most fun.


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How to be a stellar anal sex bottom

The main (maybe only) difference between anal sex and vaginal sex is the preparation for it. But the choral lyrics by a couple of 80’s & 90s songs entitled “It Takes Two” still says it best: “It takes 2 to make a thing go right / It takes 2 to make it out of sight.” With that said, what makes a good anal bottom?

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