How this conservative chick learned to love sucking dick

how i learned to love oral sex.jpg

Heart racing, sweaty palms. I was awkward, nervous and didn’t know what to do. 

“I studied for this, I know I studied,” I thought. I got test anxiety when the pants came off. 

Not so long ago, I treated sucking dick like an exam. I felt like I was being evaluated on my oral sex skills, and spent a lot of time online looking for tips to prepare for what was going to come. 

But there were no practice exams and no resources. There was only the real thing, and it was terrifying. I couldn’t even bring in a cheat sheet.

I approached giving oral sex the same way I approached most things in my life: I simply thought hard work and dedication were the only ways I would amount to anything.

The first year of my oral sex “studies” were awkward at best. What is this penis and why is this person shoving it in my face?  Where do my hands go?  Am I morally obligated to swallow if there’s semen in my mouth? I was flabbergasted, thrown into this when I clearly wasn’t ready. Why would anyone would want my mouth on their genitals? 

For me, oral sex was a chore I avoided. I did it because I felt pressured to please. With the world’s most active gag reflex, it was more often than not an unpleasant experience on my part. I could get the dick halfway in and the retching would start. It wasn’t sexy, yet the pleasure of my partner always motivated me to keep going down even if the idea of it repulsed me.

I kept at it. In relationships, people endure certain things for each other. I simply thought this was one of those things.

I would go through the motions — up and down, around, side to side — all while attempting to look sexy in the process. With time, however, something miraculous was happening. Little by little, inch by inch, I was able to take more dick in my mouth. 

“How strange,” I thought. “I might actually enjoy this.”

With time and caution, I was able to get a whole dick in my mouth – just not for very long.  It was a moment of great personal triumph for me. My blowjobs were obviously more pleasurable for my partner, and a lot of it was simply increased enthusiasm. I was no longer afraid to make awkward noises or slobber. I explored, and even worshiped, my partner’s dick. I was confident, motivated and, best of all, I enjoyed it. It was not a horrible exam anymore, but something great I shared with my partner.

Oral sex certainly isn’t something I’m naturally talented at, and I probably will never suck dick like a pro. Still, I became comfortable with it in time. It’s hard work, and can be tedious at times to do the same motions again and again, but I cherished the sense of accomplishment and that twinkle in the eyes that only came from a good dick sucking.

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